Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lady Gaga's new album to surprise fans

Lady Gaga's new album to surprise fans: When it comes to having longevity in the music industry, you really do need to try to come up with new and fresh ideas for your songs or run the risk of becoming stale and boring, which are two words you would certainly not associate withLady Gaga. It is no surprise then that, while talking about her new album, Lady Gaga has admitted that she hopes to once again surprise her fans.

Lady Gaga doing her on stage thing

Gaga explained, "Artpop was, you know, the acid-making record. And this record is like--my old self as a cadaver. And I'm just, I'm operating on my old self. I want the fans to be surprised. But I will just tell you that it's a wonderful, soul-searching experience. And it's very unlike the last album in that way. I made that album on the road."

While Artpop was heavily criticised by a lot of people all over the world and also only managed to spawn two hit singles, Lady Gaga has constantly spoke out to defend the record and she is not stopping now. Lady Gaga says that she has met a lot of young fans around the world who have found Artpop as a way of escapism.

Lady Gaga is working on new music
Lady Gaga is working on new music

Gaga added, "As I travelled around the world I met more and more kids that were fully f***ing 'Artpop' to the wildest galaxies of their dreams. Kids whose whole lives were changed by the album. You know, planet 'Venus' is a place that they go in their minds when they are at home, to escape their family life, their troubles, their depression."

We look forward to seeing what Lady Gaga comes up with for her new album and hope that it is a major improvement on Artpop.