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PHOTOS : Lady Gaga Covers Vogue

Lady Gaga Covers Vogue:
PHOTOS : Lady Gaga Covers Vogue
PHOTOS : Lady Gaga Covers Vogue

PHOTOS : Lady Gaga Covers Vogue
PHOTOS : Lady Gaga Covers Vogue

PHOTOS : Lady Gaga Covers Vogue
PHOTOS : Lady Gaga Covers Vogue

The much-anticipated March Vogue cover has finally been revealed, and the “Lady of Pop” is wearing a pink candy-colored wig and a Haider Ackermann dress.
In the feature, Mario Testino photographs the star as a latter-day Marie Antoinette of sorts — peched under a garland of flowers in spectacular, architectural attire. Jonathan Van Meter’s profile of Gaga is scintillating to say the least, managing to capture both the Lady’s eccentricities and mania.
Naturally, Gaga discusses the fashion set’s infatuation with her, and describes a particularly graphic encounter with the late designer, Alexander McQueen:

“The fashion community in general got me much earlier than everyone else,” she says. “But actually, I felt truly embraced by this London cultural movement, that McQueen, Isabella, Daphne Guinness wing of the English crowd. I remember when I first started doing photo shoots, people would say, ‘My God, you look so much like Isabella Blow, it scares me.’ And McQueen used to say, ‘Oh, my God, your boobs!’ He actually grabbed both of them and said, ‘Even your boobs are like hers!’”
Gaga also addresses her continued collaboration with the stylist Nicola Formichetti, taking care to note that he should really be getting the credit for all of the Mugler work — “Nicola is fashion,’ she says — though she did acknowledge some influence. Mostly, she seems frustrated with the cultural world’s constant dissection of her dressing habits:

“People are like, ‘She dresses this way for attention.’ Or like, ‘Ugh, the meat dress.’ ” She rolls her eyes. “People just want to figure it out or explain it. The truth is, the mystery and the magic is my art. That is what I am good at. You are fascinated with precisely the thing that you are trying to analyze and undo.”;
If the length of Van Meter’s profile and the accompanying Vogue cover are any indication, America is fascinated indeed.
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Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” becomes Hot 100′s 1000th No. 1.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” becomes Hot 100′s 1000th No. 1.:

Lady Gagas Born This Way becomes Hot 100s 1000th No. 1. Lady Gagas Born This Way becomes Hot 100s 1000th No. 1.

Even visionaries have to start somewhere.
Lady Gaga invented herself, fashioning her oversized persona out of a mix of high and low culture; drag queens and heavy metallers, pop stars and random provocateurs.
Unlike Madonna, pop history’s other great appropriator, Gaga, 24, wears her influences proudly: She’s smarter than the average pop star. Better read. More extensively traveled. Deeper. And she wants you to know it.
But exactly what goes into a Gaga? And where might Gaga go next?
In anticipation of her concert Thursday at the Verizon Center, we’ve pieced together a compendium of the people, movements and events that created Lady Gaga, or, more specifically, that Lady Gaga used to create herself. Everything — from the classic rock records her parents played when she was growing up to the outfits worn by the burlesque dancers she befriended on the Lower East Side — finds its way into the mix, though it doesn’t always fit together as well as Gaga might have hoped.
Some of Gaga’s influences she has acknowledged openly and a few are so obvious as to be undebatable. Still others, like the inspiration for the glowing space egg from which she emerged at the Grammys, may forever remain a mystery.
Perhaps like Gaga herself.
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, an Italian girl from New York City, absorbed what she could from others, taught herself the rest, and fashioned it all into Lady Gaga, an avant-garde cocktail of fashion, art, high culture and film that fascinates even as it sometimes fails to cohere.
“What’s that phrase, [jack of all trades], master of none?” asks Jonathan Van Meter, who interviewed Lady Gaga for a March cover story in Vogue magazine. “She’s super-interested in pop culture, in all the arts. I think she takes some things in more deeply than other things.”
Click on the names above to learn more about the influences that have made Lady Gaga who she is.

Lady Gaga Caused Controversy With Her See-Through Naughty Nun Outfit

Lady Gaga Caused Controversy With Her See-Through Naughty Nun Outfit:

Lady Gaga Caused Controversy With Her See-Through Naughty Nun Outfit
Lady Gaga Caused Controversy With Her See-Through Naughty Nun Outfit

New Pictures Of  Lady Gaga With See-Through Rubber Naughty Nun Outfit

Lady Gaga has yet again caused controversy by parading on stage in a see-through rubber outfit topped off with a nun’s habit.The 24-year-old singer is in the middle of her Monster Ball Tour and is seemingly intent on pushing the boundaries every times she gets on stage.She performed at Atlantic City in New Jersey and left nothing to the imagination. Lady gaga see through naughty nun clothes just white crosses over her nipples and a white bikini bottom to cover her modesty.

Pushing boundaries: The Born This Way hit-maker was on the latest leg of her Monster Ball Tour in New Jersey

She danced and paraded around with half naked dancers as her bright yellow hair peeped through the cornette.
As she took off the headdress of her Mother Monster costume she grabbed a torch to continue on her routine which had her fans in the audience going crazy in appreciation.
Gaga has made it a habit dressing up in religious inspired clothing. She also used a lot of Catholic imagery in the video for her song Alejandro.

Bright: Gaga later took off her head dress to reveal bright yellow hair and was carrying a torch

History maker: Gaga’s lates song Born This Way is the fastest selling single ever on iTunes with over one million digital copies sold in its first week of release

This has made it the fastest selling single ever on iTunes, according to Interscope Geffen A&M.
She announced on stage last night that she will be back on tour next year with her Born This Way Ball.
Gaga is also currently promoting her range of taupe lipstick and lip glass that she designed for MAC, which gives 100 percent of Viva Glam proceeds to AIDS/HIV prevention.
And she said raising awareness of safe sex from a young age was one of her aims.
She added: ‘I want to get people started at home at a younger age with their children talking about HIV, talking about AIDS, talking about safe sex.
‘My mother talked to me about sex at a young age, and she always taught me to be self-aware.’
Gaga raised $34million last year through the Viva Glam campaign and hopes to raise $50 for the cause this year.
Lady Gaga has collaborated with E Street Band member Clarence Clemons on her new album.
Clemons has worked with the likes of Bruce Springsteen and said when he got a call from one of Gaga’s producers that she wanted to work with him -- he got on the first flight to New York from his Florida home.
He told Rolling Stone that it was an amazing experience and he would have even have played saxophone on her record for free.