Friday, February 3, 2012

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Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber nearing 1 billion YouTube views | Reuters

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are both approaching a major
milestone of the new music industry: one billion all-time YouTube views.
Lady Gaga should pass one billion views around October 20 if she continues on
her current pace, according to David Birch, communications director at
TubeMogul. During September, she averaged almost 1.8 million views per day.
Birch says Bieber will surpass the 1 billion views milestone around November 1
if he keeps up his current pace. During September, Bieber's videos were viewed
about 3.7 million times per day.
After Lady Gaga and Bieber, the next closest artist is Michael Jackson at around
600 million views, says Birch.
Even though Lady Gaga will be the first to the one billion mark, TubeMogul data
shows that lately Bieber has been the hotter of the two and has been YouTube's
most-viewed music artist. From July 1 to September 28, according to TubeMogul
data supplied to Billboard, Bieber averaged 3.98 million daily views to Lady
Gaga's 2.04 million views per day.
Bieber has been hot since winter. Since February 28, Bieber has averaged 3.83
million daily views while Lady Gaga has averaged 2.53 million. To put their
numbers in perspective, Kanye West has averaged 271,000 daily views in that time
But what really stands out is the consistent performance of Bieber's videos. In
April, TubeMogul began "Most Viral Videos of the Month" to highlight the
most-viewed videos -- including unofficial versions -- in a given month. Nearly
9 in 10 of all videos to make the list have been music videos, and Justin Bieber
has been the one constant month after month. He had four of the top 10 videos of
the month from April through August.
Both artists have many of YouTube's all-time most-viewed videos. Bieber's "Baby"
is YouTube's most-watched video of all time with 345 million views. His "Never
Let You Go" is No. 22 with 92 million views while "Never Say Never" is No. 28
with 86 million views.
Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" is No. 2 all-time at YouTube with 288 million views.
"Just Dance" is at 11 with 123 million views, "Alejandro" is 26 with 87 million
views and "Telephone" is 31 with 85 million views.
YouTube views include videos in the Vevo network but not Vevo videos viewed at Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff has stated that YouTube accounts for about 90
percent of Vevo's views. Videos by both Bieber and Lady Gaga are shown on Vevo.